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Protection Services (Malta) Ltd. provides any kind of Security Service, specifically tailored for any client’s need including Private Security Guards, Close Protection Officers, Bodyguards, Private Investigators, Door Supervisors, Security Receptionists, Security Drivers, Event Securities, Residential Security, Fixed Guards, Security Consultancy and Security Training.

Protection Services (Malta) Ltd. adopts a Quality Management System based on the requirements of SM EN ISO 9001:2015

Protection Services (Malta) Ltd. has established the following strategic objectives to be pursued through the Quality Management System:

  • Long Term Vision
    • To establish long-lasting business relationships with customers, built on mutual trust that have strong potential for development and growth.
    • To continue the growth of the organisation without ever compromising on the quality of service.
    • To continue the growth of the organisation without ever compromising on the quality of service.
  • Customer Focus
    • To provide excellent services by putting the customer at the centre of all activities.
    • To thoroughly understand and meet customer requirements in a professional manner without ever comprising the business ethics and principles.
    • To give the peace of mind to the customer by providing a reliable service.
    • To provide a flexible service that suits and adjusts to the needs of the customers.
    • To constantly strive to identify and understand the needs and expectations of the customers,
    • To give the required and deserved respect and attention to all clients.
  • Resources
    • To ensure that all staff are adequately trained to perform their assigned duties.
    • To ensure that all staff is able to adapt to difficult and unforeseen operational circumstances.
    • To harness and develop the experience and knowledge earned over the years.
    • To encourage synergy, teamwork and cooperation between the employees of Protection Services (Malta) Ltd. and also with the customers.
    • To continuously invest in the latest equipment available on the market (photographic, surveillance, counter-surveillance, communication and security equipment).
  • Quality
    • To remain committed to continuous improvement in all work practices.
    • To constantly demonstrate leadership, nurture the culture of good quality and continuous improvement across Protection Services (Malta) Ltd.

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