Unparalleled Security Expertise: Protection Services Malta’s Specialized Offerings

Protection Services Malta is not just your typical security provider; we offer specialized services that go beyond the ordinary. Our range includes Counter Surveillance, Embassy Security, Offshore Safety and Security, and much more. For the most discerning clients, we have Close Protection Officers who are rigorously trained and fully licensed by the commissioner of Police. We take pride in our ability to create and implement tailored security procedures, as demonstrated at Pjazza Teatru Rjal, where we provide 24/7 security and extra support for events. With our UHF communication-equipped security personnel, we ensure a swift response. Whether it’s securing a major concert or safeguarding a high-value target, Protection Services Malta delivers excellence in every aspect of security. For security questions or advice, reach out to us at ivan@epsmalta.com or +35699476147. Your safety is our priority.

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